Enrollment Form Season  2021


Easy enrollment for any of the 2021 courses at Oxford Area School Observatory.

Do not pay the course fee before you have received confirmation that (a) place(s) is (are) available.
Enrollment for any of the courses is available until fourteen days prior to the start of the course or earlier when fully booked.

You can book one course at the time. But don't miss out on the special with the fourth course if you are seriously interested in the sequence. See below.


This is the person responsible for payment of the course fee.

Name (first last) for at least one participant. Include the person above if attending. Students are up to age 18, enrolled in a school or home-schooled.

Course Selection
Select the course(s) for which you want to enroll these participant(s).
If participants are different for any course, use a separate enrollment form.

Each course is seven weeks on Tuesdays.
Cost $70, students $35.

The last course Going Deep is free for those who enrolled in all previous three courses before 31 March 2021, or half price if enrolled in these three courses after that date.

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