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About Us

The Oxford Area School Observatory is likely the only operational observatory in New Zealand, owned by and operated under auspices of a school. We pride ourselves in this facility and commit ourselves to furthering astronomy education for all ages.

The Team

The crew at SaturnSM

Raul Elias-Drago – Team Leader, Exolinguist  
Annabel Harrold – Telescope, Sky tours
Gary Naulls – Telescope, Astrophotography 
Stuart Parker – Telescope expert, Citizen Science, Astrophotography
Susanne Schulze – Telescope, Sky tours
Erik Vermaat – Online courses, Tutor



The observatory was built as a result of an initiative from local amateur astronomers to house a Meade 10" telescope owned by the Science Department. Support and funding came from the School as well as the local Lions Club. The Observatory opened its doors on 16 June 2006, and has been in operation ever since.


N Thatswhere N domebuilder N doesitfit N 16 June 2006 N entrance
 Telescope pier going there  On-site dome construction  Does it fit?  16 June 2006  Entrance now



The original Meade 10 inch telescope was replaced with a new Meade LX90 12 inch telescope in late 2020, giving us 44% more light gathering capability.



hur844observatory1 scaledImage source: North Canterbury News

RNLImage source:
Rangiora New Life School


The observatory is operated by volunteers who organise and run events for the entire community.







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