Novice Courses 2020



Term 3 - The Rhythmic Sky Hands-on (This course has been cancelled)

Especially also for those of our visitors of all ages who became really interested in practical astronomy during our Open Nights, we will start with a “Super Open Night” course that explains in detail how celestial objects move in our sky. Unique this year is that we add a practical aspect of telescope handling to this very successful course and we will do as much observing as the weather allows.

This course is in Term 3 so that we are outside daylight saving time and it gets dark sooner.

This course covers:
- Rotating Earth, - Orbiting Earth, - Moon, - Planets, - Milky Way - and what else moves in the sky. In addition this year we do sky tours, discuss telescope basics and include practical handling of our telescope.

Cost $60 for 7 weeks
(Enrolled or home-schooled students half price).

This course starts Wednesday 5 August, and continues on 12, 19, 26 August, and 02, 9 and 16 September.

We only have place for 15 participants in this course, because the course must be held in the Observatory. So early booking is essential.