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This year we will offer once again workshops covering a wide range of topics in practical astronomy. Availability and cost vary as per topic.

  • Astrophotography - We will e.g. take exposures of the night sky and show how to stack and process images. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment as well. (2 hours, $30/person, 5 people maximum per session)
  • The Moon – Learn about Earth’s nearest neighbour and how important it is to our livelihood. Without the Moon, we may have never ventured into space. (2 hours, $15/person, 15 people maximum per session)
  • The Planets – Where can I find Earth’s sisters? Where to they move and how? We will focus on Saturn and Mars, both of which will be in the sky during the workshop. (2 hours, $15/person, 15 people maximum per session)

Please book through our Workshop Bookings tab.